North Fork Interiors

"Making Homes Beautiful...One Room at a Time"


You only get one chance to make a first impression. The difference between a good impression and a not so good one may mean the difference between an immediate offer or a property that lingers on the market. This service will show you how to transform your home to attract the most amount of potential buyers.

With the N.F.I. “Staging To Sell Service” you will receive:

  • One (1-1.5) hour property tour (interior/exterior) where pictures will be taken of the home as it exists today and extensive notes will be made referencing each designated area to be addressed.
  • An additional in-person meeting/conference call with the owner(s) will be scheduled approximately 5-7 days later as a follow up to the initial property tour. The owner will receive a custom analysis including photos (interior and exterior) which will identify specific changes and/or enhancements to creating an environment that will appeal to the most amount of people in every area of the home.
  • A prioritized list and before pictures explaining each area of the home with recommendations for items to be removed/used in another room and/or new items/accessories to be incorporated so we can maximize the wow factor of each room.
  • An evaluation of items such as color, flow, furniture, accessories, style, cleaning, clutter, and condition of each room will also be noted.
  • Thereafter, a detailed bid will be provided that will allow you to hire NFI for all or part of the services required to transition your home to the next level. We will make every effort to work with your budget to transform your current residence into the new and improved property so it commands the attention we anticipate to market your home in the most effective way.